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Thread: Oregon St Game Thread

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    I guess the coaches didn't read BearInsider this week and the announcements about Quizz throwing out of Wildcat???
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    Quote Originally Posted by polkeem View Post
    I feel stupid for buying the sports package for this already...
    I'm with you. Added the TWC Sports Pass just for this game =T

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    tired being out-coached on the road


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    Quote Originally Posted by blungld View Post
    I guess the coaches didn't read BearInsider this week and the announcements about Quizz throwing out of Wildcat???
    We should be coaching this team by remote feed.

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    First drive guys -- chill.....

    Bears -- let's respond

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    bears look lost once again.
    what's the problem away from home?
    i dunno

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    and so it begins...

    Time out on the first drive because Riley can't read the signal from the sideline (sorry to start in on Riley but my gawd, the dude is a 5th year senior and STILL makes these mistakes).

    Pendergrast's D totally out coached by OSU's offensive coordinator.
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    Once again. Their players are not better than ours, but their scheme and execution are. I've seen at lease two holding episodes already on OSU, but no flags. We are up against it. How is KA covered by three players when we throw the wideout screen?

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    This looks familiar.

    Riley is lost once again. If I'm seeing things correctly so far, OSU is lining up in man and then transitioning into zone after the snap. Despite being a FIFTH YEAR SENIOR, Riley is totally perplexed by this and makes the short dump off throw for 3 useless yards. And then after some totally unnecessary penalties, we punt.

    OSU is taking advantage of our attacking D by running plays that can only be beat with discipline, which of course we don't have. Quizz lined up at FULLBACK and we apparently had no idea. And then he just threw a TD out of the wildcat. IN WHAT UNIVERSE DO YOU GAME PLAN FOR OSU AND GIVE NO REGARD TO THEIR BEST PLAYER UUUGHHHGHHH

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    Riley down

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    oh that doesn't look good... I think Riley's season could be done

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    that's a PCL tear

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    time to see mansion run the wildcat...

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