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Thread: RUMOR: Gary Franklin to transfer???

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    IMHO ..Franklin isn't a D1 2 guard. He can't shoot consistently..when wide open. I hoped he would grow into the role..but he's got some issues obviously he needs to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldBlue1999 View Post
    Any word whether Monty did the sensible thing this time and conditioned his release on not transferring to any other P12 school?
    Funny thing is Franklin already de-committed from USC before picking Cal. I'd guess he ends up at a place like SD State or UNLV. What would really be funny is if Tubby Smith recruits him to replace J Cobbs and now Devoe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFBearz View Post
    Funny thing is Franklin already de-committed from USC before picking Cal. I'd guess he ends up at a place like SD State or UNLV. What would really be funny is if Tubby Smith recruits him to replace J Cobbs and now Devoe.
    Maybe Gary winds up at the clearinghouse of Cal rejects -- Fullerton. Would be close to home.

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    I am starting to wonder about Montgomery and his ability to manage the egos of star players. This is something that he should have been able to manage.

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    Managing a star player's ego is a lot easier than managing the ego of a scrub who thinks he's a star.

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    That's too bad. I wish him well. He had a bad (erratic) night in the SDSt game---almost out of control. Good luck to him wherever he ends up---ironically---SDSt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBears24 View Post
    Nothing to do with grades.....all to do with hoops/Role on the team
    He would not have even been starting if we had a better option. Good lord the kid couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. He may be a good to even great shooter down the road but he did nothing for us.

    Go Bears!

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    Rossi's shot

    Quote Originally Posted by Civil Bear View Post
    How is Rossie clearly our best shooter?
    his reputation is as one of the top HS shooters in the country - he was at the NBA Top 100 camp and it wasn't b/c of his leaping ability. I've seen him play and he easily has the most D1 ready shot (a quick, high release) I say all this knowing that Franklin was suppose to be a great shooter as well...and that hasn't exactly been the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBears24 View Post
    Please explain how losing a guy who leads the team in FG's and is shooting under 30% for all FG's and 3pt. FG's hurt the team? Is it his FT shooting?......oh wait, he's shooting 44% from there. All that and the thing he does best is.....wait for it.....shoot!

    I don't see this as a loss at all....I was worried the day he got benched that he'd be a problem. He hasn't had to work for anything...if Baylor still wants him all I'd say is that I hope we play Baylor!
    Only way it's a loss is that we didn't have many bodies to begin with...

    Go Bears!

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    Maybe all the criticism on this board upset him?


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    Quote Originally Posted by oskidunker View Post
    6'7" guard who can shoot the three. I predict Franklin leaving will prove to be a good thing.Nigel Carter is a better three point shooter than Franklin.
    Did you see Powers in the Hartford game? I wouldn't count on him, unless that was a really bad night for him

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonomaBear View Post
    CRAP! I'm starting to worry about the hoops program.

    On one hand, GF is a gunner who clearly is more focused on GF than the team and never met a shot he didn't like. On the other, he was one of the few guys on the team not afraid to shoot and could actually put this ball in the hole.

    if taking 10 shots and making 3 is "putting it in the hole" then I say we just give MSF those extra shoots and see what he does! I'm guessing he'd do better than 30%
    I'm guessing you were trying to say that he was a threat to score but the reality wasn't playing out that way. At some point he was killing us not only with his shooting % but the shots he was taking were terrible...leading to pts for the other team and momentum for the other team (and away from us)...he also had some brutal turnovers and wasn't contributing at all on D.

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    Its in the Contra Costa Times

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFBearz View Post
    If he had such an attitude problem why did Monty start him from day 1 and make multiple comments about what a likable kid he is, which Monty doesn't seem to do that often?
    probably b/c there was nobody else on the bench with near his upside; which I guess turned out to be downside.

    Go Bears!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seattlebear02 View Post
    I thought this was going to happen...after his sophomore year. So I guess I was 3 semesters off.

    His dad wanted him at the point and they're going to go to a place where they will be promised that opportunity. The thing is, will that promise be kept once that new coaching staff figures out (if they haven't already) that he's not a PG?

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