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Thread: Gabby Green breaks leg!

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    Gabby Green breaks leg!

    Playing in her first game for her new AAU team Cal Storm she suffered a broken leg. Tough lost for this 2014 recruit.

    Isn't coach Daron Park in Chicago on a recruiting trip? Thought I saw it on a tweet!

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    This unfortunate turn of events prompted a couple of thoughts:

    1. The risks of making a big geographical change for sports. Granted this was AAU and you can get hurt anywhere playing AAU, but it is a lesson for people tempted to have their kids change high schools for basketball reasons. Go to the all the trouble to make a big move and if the kid gets hurt you're in a place you may not want to be sans the reason for being there. Again, not saying this injury fits that mold, it just reminded me of that risk.

    2. How silly the NCAA's new "adjoining state" rule can be. Gabby signs up for a team 366 miles from home (Berkeley-to-Santa Clarita) and is well within the rule because California is a loooooooooooooong place. Meanwhile, Northwest Blazers, a program based in Spokane and Montana had to split its top level teams in two because of that finger of Idaho separating Montana from Washington. Elle Tinkle, sister of the Stanford player, now plays for NWB's "Black" team instead of the "Orange" team.... her home town of Missoula is 198 miles from Spokane.

    Those random thoughts aside, best wishes to Gabby for a speedy recovery!

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