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    Swell, thanks WWBF.

    Quote Originally Posted by CalWBBFan View Post
    Kinda a cart in front of horse lean at the tape situation, since (as we speak) the permalink schedule holy grail still has last season's contents.

    Woulda coulda shoulda been here first:


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    Well, the presser lists the schedule:

    2011-12 California Women's Basketball Scheule

    Nov 3 Vanguard (Exhibition) Berkeley
    Nov 13 at Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ
    Nov 17 Sacramento State Berkeley
    Nov 20 Illinois Berkeley
    Nov 25-27 University of Hawaii Tournament
    Nov 25 Hawaii Honolulu, HI
    Nov 26 Texas Honolulu, HI
    Nov 27 Virginia Honolulu, HI
    Dec 3-4 Tournament (in Berkeley)
    Dec. 3 Cal vs. Cal State Bakersfield Berkeley
    Dec 3 UNLV vs. Prairie View A&M Berkeley
    Dec 4 Cal vs. UNLV/Prairie View A&M Berkeley
    Dec 4 Bakersfield vs. UNLV/Prairie View Berkeley
    Dec 8 Saint Mary's Moraga, CA
    Dec 10 Santa Clara Berkeley
    Dec 17 Ohio State Berkeley
    Dec 20 Dartmouth Berkeley
    Dec 29 UCLA* Los Angeles, CA
    Dec 31 USC* Los Angeles, CA
    Jan 5 Oregon St.* Berkeley
    Jan 7 Oregon* Berkeley
    Jan 12 Colorado* Boulder, CO
    Jan 14 Utah* Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan 19 Washington* Berkeley
    Jan 21 Washington St.* Berkeley
    Jan 28 Stanford* Stanford, CA
    Feb 2 Arizona* Tucson, AZ
    Feb 4 Arizona St.* Tempe, AZ
    Feb 9 USC* Berkeley
    Feb 11 UCLA* Berkeley
    Feb 16 Oregon* Eugene, OR
    Feb 18 Oregon St.* Corvallis, OR
    Feb 23 Utah* Berkeley
    Feb 25 Colorado* Berkeley
    Mar 3 Stanford* Berkeley

    Mar 7-10 Pac-12 Tournament Los Angeles, CA
    Mar 17-20 NCAA 1st & 2nd Rounds TBD
    Mar 24-27 NCAA Regionals TBD
    Apr 1-3 NCAA Final Four Denver, CO

    Bold denotes home games at Haas Pavilion
    *denotes Pac-12 Conference game

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    Comparison to Men's sched finds..
    o No M/W BB Haas double-headers
    o No same day conflicts with football.
    o No same day runaround (both m & w) vs the farm.

    The last of those has been a problem previous years, gratefully not repeated this season.


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    You're right. But presser is little bit more abbreviated.

    IE, looking at men's 11-12 schedule home page shows any known TV and game time particulars.

    PS: My gripe has nothing to do with me reloading the schedule page every 10 mins, ever since coaches tweeted that today is the day, nor bummed you got the goods to the board first, sniff.

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    Neever miind.

    The WBB schedule page has caught up with the bus.

    No TV specifics shared yet, no surprise, but ~10 game times are shown.

    Tip off always subject to change of course.

    #First! #PostCountPlus4WooHoo!
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    Oh, my, a mere 77 days!

    BearBloke and I thank you for this welcome news, CalWBBFan.

    (With all due remorse for my frivolity, I hope that banner photo of Gottlieb is updated by November 3; the current one makes her look like a second-string Dorothy in Oz, whereas L.G. is pretty chic these days. The image of Talia battling Rutgers is cool, though.)
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    kind of surprised they are going all the way to Rutgers without getting a Princeton the next night, etc..

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    Kinda hits home that the new PAC12 means no home-and-home with the Washington and Arizona schools this year. Instead, we get a double dose of Utah and Colorado. .

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    You can't ask for more of an emotional game than UVA!! Both coaches must have had to signed off on this game.

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    Yepper, AAB, great point.

    Quote Originally Posted by annarborbear View Post
    Kinda hits home that the new PAC12 means no home-and-home with the Washington and Arizona schools this year. Instead, we get a double dose of Utah and Colorado. .
    WSU and WAA don't come to Haas.

    Arizona & ASU don't get to see us visit their venue.

    There are variations of the seemingly unavoidable Pac-16 alignment some years hence, which restore AT LONG LAST pre-80s glory of the Pac-8 as the western half of the greater-good dollarwise coalition.

    Some of us can't hardly wait, literally.. would be a bummer if any fans are not still alive to see the Great P8 restored.

    [Private PS to WBBF: No harm no foul]

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