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Thread: Furd has its own blog on college football page?

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    Furd has its own blog on college football page?

    Sorry if a booth, but you've got to be kidding me. The college football main page currently shows Furd and Notre Dame have their own blogs, in the same spot as the conference blogs (see the College Football Blog Network box).

    I know they are good this year, but come on. I hardly think the demand is there. Have folks noticed this before? When did this happen? Could Cal or any school provide content and 'get' their own blog?

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    That's sickening and the most inexplicable bandwagoning I've ever seen.

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    Lmao i noticed that also. Whats going to happen to the blog after Cal gets the axe back and Luck leaves?

    Does this mean no more in game updates on the pac 12 blog by uncle Ted?

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    2 words...

    Horse Face...

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    Perhaps ESPN is starting a new practice of in-season blogs for preseason ~Top 10 teams.

    The Heisman race draws more and more week-by-week media attention every year, so Luck puts them in the spotlight. For one more year.

    If it were 2004 again, the Cal/Aaron Rodgers would get a blog on ESPN's site. Whatever.....

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    CBS Sports has that dude on Twitter covering our team. I wonder if it's a full-time gig.

    Perhaps this is the future, and each team will have a blogger.

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