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Thread: Cal vs Fresno State torrent!

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    Cal vs Fresno State torrent!

    OK, an HD torrent is finally available. You can get it at Chicagoaubear's tracker site:

    Unfortunately it's a big file; here are the stats: 1280x720p, 5 Mbps, 29.97 fps, 6.4 GB file size. After seeing the results, I could have gone to a lower bit rate. It's an h.264 mp4 file and it plays best in VLC and Windows Media Player Classic. In the Windows Media Player that comes in Windows 7 it plays fine, but when you click on the timeline to go to another point in the file, it freezes for a second, so it doesn't work quite as well.

    Please note, every time I post a torrent, I notice a lot of people who get the file and then immediately stop seeding. This is very bad form. You don't have to keep your computer on over night, but you should seed for a couple of days to help the initial mass of people get the file faster.

    If you don't know how to torrent, I think someone else had a link to instructions. If someone can post that, that would be cool.

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    thanks. i will seed once i get it

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    Awesome thank you!! Will most definitely seed.

    That's a HUGE file.. Probably will take me 4 days sigh.

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    w00t! Thanks!

    I'll be seeding at 5mb up.

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    Excellent!! Thank you.
    I will seed it as well.

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    Is anyone seeding? uTorrent is showing 0 peers, 0 seeds for me...

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    The tracker is acting up, it might take a few restarts to get the connection going...

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    Will definitely seed for a few weeks. Thanks for doing this TouchedTheAxeIn82!!

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    Ah, yes, for some reason I can't connect to UDP trackers. Haven't been able to work out why. If anyone else is having this problem, add the TCP version of the PublicBT tracker ( and it'll start working.

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    Thank you! I will seed when it is done.

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    I have a macbook pro (2 months old) and a fast connection, and I have been trying to download for 3 hours now----it's still at 0% done with eta at infinity....

    anyone know how to fix?

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    THANKS! I forgot to set my dvr so couldn't watch it again after getting home from the game!

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    File size

    I'm a big fan of Chicago's torrents but this one might be too big for me? Will anyone be creating a version that fits on a DVD-Rom?

    Go Bears!

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