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Thread: Is the goal to predict the outcome or to Win Bear Play

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    Is the goal to predict the outcome or to Win Bear Play

    So I started out the year predicting losses and Cal won. I was almost at the bottom of Bear play so I started predicting Cal would lose, even when I thought they would win(evidence fucla) well now I am up to 23 and predicting a 21 point win by WSU. I figure , if it happens I am up to about 5 as no one else is predicting a WAZZU win. You know its bad when the only fun part of the season is Bear Play. Thank God Grey is updating now on a regular basis. So if I get to 5 and my one point Victory prediction over OSU happens then I am forced to predict a Cal win over Stanford to probably have a chance at getting to the top. ASU, I'll deal with that if it becomes a factor.If I'm still in it at the Furd kick off, maybe I buy 50 yard line seats to see a replay of the game when Cal beat the furd with Plunkett in 71.Hey, 40 year anniversary. Who knows.

    I can see WSU with a Good passing game scoring alot and I see Maynard playing very conservative to avoid turnovers and Cal ending up with less than 20 points.If WSU is turnover free and we continue to be the machine we are, it could be ugly.

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    Four Bear Play contestants are currently predicting a WSU victory, but only one other predicts a 21-point win. You do what you need to do. The year that I won BearPlay I was pessimistic when everyone else was optimistic.

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