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Thread: Gotta give Erickson credit ...

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    Gotta give Erickson credit ...

    for benching Burfict rest of game after 2 personal fouls knowing it could likely affect outcome of game. How many Pac12 coaches willing to do the same?

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    At the clip at which he was committing personal fouls, I wish he had left him in. He wasn't exactly helping the team.

    I think Ericson is going to retire and was just sick of that kid and couldn't take it anymore.

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    Are you implying that our coaches wouldn't? Ron Gould wants a word with you. He's benched NFL caliber RBs after fumbling.

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    Maybe Erickson calculated that ASU had a better chance to win with Burfict on the bench. Those 15-yard penalties/automatic 1st downs are killers for your defense.

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    Great Example of

    addition by subtraction.

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