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Thread: Suggestions on where to watch Holiday Bowl in Bay Area?

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    just do an advanced search for a word that is in here that doesn't come up very often on this board, like "Brickyard", it will bring the thread out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamjr View Post
    I've never been, but I heard it's the best Cal friendly bar in the city. Verification anyone?
    It is but I don't believe it's open on weekends. It should be open on the 28th though for the Holiday Bowl. It would also be a decent choice to watch the game, and yes, I think you could call it "Cal friendly" since the place is populated with Cal fans the Friday before every Big Game, including much of the Cal Band, with instruments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayAreaHorn View Post
    Yes - used to be Blue Light (and Final Final before that) - but I believe it was this year they switched to Brickyard. I've not been so I don't know what the turnout typically is, but it usually was pretty good at Blue Light and Final Final - I would think so for this one as well.
    I went to Brickyard with a couple friends (1 a UT alum) for the Texass Oklahoma State game, and was quite impressed with the Hooker Whores fans. Every first down elicited a roar like it was a game winning TD. Pity they didn't get more of those...

    They are good folks, but unless Cal has 2/3 of the Brickyard, it will seem like the UT bar that it normally is this year...loud proud bunch.

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    That's the problem with watching Cal sports in the City, a whole lot of transplants from other schools mixed with the hordes of yuppie neutrals who don't give a crap about college sports...

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    Stevie (Northstar) also owns Kelly's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearwithfangs View Post
    Anyone have any East Bay suggestions for some friends?
    I've always like Stadium Pub in Walnut Creek. Not fancy but a good spot for football watching

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    I'll copy the thread there right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterNoodle View Post
    If I bookmark this thread for future reference and come back to look for it in a year or two will it still be here? Can this be saved in the food and drink board ?
    GO BEARS !!!

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