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Thread: Pic of Matt Cochran's commitment

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    Pic of Matt Cochran's commitment

    Cochran at left, Hoffpauir with Cal banner, Treggs behind him, Nickerson Jr. next to Treggs, Tagaloa behind Nickerson, Barton at far right.

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    Love it.

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    this guy will shine at Cal and beyond! GO BEARS!

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    Best wishes to Matt and everyone else going to California.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Reverie View Post
    Best wishes to Matt and everyone else going to California.
    Now that's class... Best wishes to Tennessee as well.

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    Looks like "little" bro is putting up a C with the rest of our guys. Love it.

    Congrats Matt! Go Bears!

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    Wow, that's so great! Welcome Matt, et al!

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    Tags is Behind Nickerson

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    Anyone have a clip?

    I had it on with the sound off and only caught like the last 5 seconds

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    Awesome picture. Shows that there are great players with talent and character who definitely want to be part of rebuilding this program to greatness.

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    man, this is really going to be something sweet........

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    This is a really great picture.

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    Bump. Sweet pic. Can't wait to see what these kids can do!

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    wow awesome news welcome to cal matt go bears very good news

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