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Thread: Campus Character Hall of Fame

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    Campus Character Hall of Fame

    I think Cal needs a Campus Character Hall of Fame. I was only on campus the following years (75-76, 78-84), so my perspective is limited, but here are my first ballot CCHOF nominees.

    Holy Hubert
    Polka Dot Man
    Hate Man
    Orange Man

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    Julia the "Bubble Lady"

    There were lots of characters . . . . GO BEARS!!

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    How do you like it?


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    Stoney Burke, Rick Starr, and the Bubble Lady.

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    All good choices. How about the man who sold deeds for Moon acres. (If you wished to purchase only one-half acre, he tore the deed in half.)

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    Triangle man / hong kong superstar

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    I second the Rick Starr choice- he'd be on my first ballot.

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    Ludwig. He even has a fountain named after him.

    First Ballot:
    William, the Polka Dot man
    Julia, the Bubble Lady
    Holy Hubert

    I think Moon Man gets disqualified because he travelled all over. He had a book of clippings of all of his arrests and fraud charges.

    I Hate You kind of came and went.

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    Man I forgot Polka Dot Man.

    2nd Rick Starr, Stoney and Bubble Lady.

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    Who was the guy who wore red splattered tennis shoes (representing the blood spilled in Vietnam) and rolled around the ground crying in agony and despair? I had to practically walk over him a few times just to get to class.

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    "triangle man aka Hong Kong superstar"

    haha i remember him...hilarious...but wasn't he a student?

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    Thanks, I didn't know his name. What was with the "Hong Kong", he was a white guy.

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    Jokemon (usually stood right outside Fat Slice)

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