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Thread: how do I cancel my subscription?

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    how do I cancel my subscription?

    As easy as it is to subscribe, I've been unable to find any way to unsubscribe. Where are the links for canceling a paid subscription?

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    I found this in another thread, basically you cancel it from you PayPal account:

    You can do that at your PayPal account. When you log in there, you will see a table that lists your recent transactions.

    You may need to modify the "date range" so as to include the date your subscription was created. Continue searching dates until you find the line called "Subscription Creation."

    On that line, scan across the page to the column that has the word “Details” in it and click on that.

    Near the bottom of the next page you will see a Cancel Subscription button. Click that - and you will have cancelled your monthly.

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