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Thread: OT: Favorite Stock Money Maker in 2012?

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    OT: Favorite Stock Money Maker in 2012?

    Catepillar, ticker symbol: CAT

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    I hope that you bought it in 2011. The stock is up 70% in the past five months.

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    I bought KORS after it IPOed at the request of my fiance and now I smile every time I notice a girl wearing one of those super-trendy watches.

    I think the fast-food chains have positioned themselves to have great 2012's, particularly MCD (although it's a bit overbought at the moment) and YUM.
    Both companies have undergone major expansions into Europe just in time to take advantage of the European Recession.

    Apple still trades at only 8x earnings and it seems to be a sure-fire bet going into the future. It's been setting sales records during an economic downturn, just imagine what Apple can do when the economy picks up.

    BIDU -- "the Chinese Google" seems like another great buy for 2012. While I am normally scared to trust any company who is at the whims of the always unpredictable Chinese Government, BIDU smashes earnings every quarter and is growing at a ridiculous rate.

    My darkhorse 'I'mnotinvestingI'mGambling" pick is THQI. Their stock currently trades at .60 cents a share but has the rights to popular gaming titles such as UFC, WWE, Saints Row, and others. They made a huge mistake investing as much money as they did in their failed 'Udraw Tablet' and took a beating for lower their guidance amidst awful Q4 earnings. Still, there's a lot of potential here due to the big-time names of UFC and WWE, both of which just released into the market. Even if they continue to lose money, I think there's a very good chance someone (probably EA) buys them out, which would send the stock skyrocketing upwards.

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    One of the best asset classes to own in 2011 was US debt, up 9.6%.

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