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Thread: WSU/WU game thread

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    17-32 from the FT line. wow cougs.

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    What is the score and time left ?

    ESPN score tracker isn't working - says game over and WSU won?

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    It looks like nobody wants to be the one to take the shot for WSU. Come on Cougs!

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    Oh well, missed the trey from the corner.

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    airball 3 by a coug player from the corner. wide open.

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    Holy **** that was pathetic.

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    True Blue Golden Bear heartofthebear's Avatar
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    Ben Lomond, a small town outside of Santa Cruz in the mountains
    from 12 minute mark to 44 second mark in second half.
    4 shots made
    5 turnovers
    7 missed free throws
    9 fouls committed
    edit: 2 million substitutions
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    How in the world do you have a guy who has not played all night shoot a 3? If it was drawn up that way WSU coach needs to be canned. HORRIFIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cal88 View Post
    Cooging it...
    So that's what it's like being a coog fan. Wow. Shoot me now

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    Meh...Cal has to win out, as expected.

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    wsu really lost the game b/c they can't shoot ft.

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    I should have never looked at score at 7 minute mark

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    Quote Originally Posted by FingeroftheBear View Post
    Meh...Cal has to win out, as expected.
    Did they cancel Washington's last two games?

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    UW is not losing to USC, and @UCLA is a 60-40 win for them. We'll probably have to win out.

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