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Thread: "Boulder, the Berkeley of the Rockies" - Official Game Thread

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    Well, at least this may keep us out of the 8/9 game.

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    The altitude may be the reason the Bears don't look like themselves. Jorge has yet to hit a FG and other than him we are deficient in rebounding.

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    No flow at all to the Bears offense. Isn't like the Buffs are shooting lights out (18-44).

    But once again we see the match up that give us just fits - athletic wings that can put the ball on the court.

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    This team needs a run, now

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    When is the last time we got a stop? I feel like the Buffs are scoring on every possession!

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    I HATE this color guy. I mean I REALLY hate this color guy. Where is our total homer who wants to be a color commentator? Al Grigsby, a nation turns its lonely eyes toward you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chunkybear View Post
    When is the last time we got a stop? I feel like the Buffs are scoring on every possession!
    Defensively we have been good for 30 seconds out of 35 and then break down.

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    Gutierrez doing nothing.

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    Jorge looks out of sorts. And, since we are Cal, 2 three point shots at LEAST half way down come out. DRAT.

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    I hate Colorado's coach. He looks like a douche.

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    Mike Montgomery not even on Reggie Theus' list of potential coaches of the year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cal4life View Post
    Gutierrez doing nothing.
    was just gonna comment on that. has anyone ever seen an effort like this from jorge? strange to see him have zero impact on the game.

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    Wonder if we will find out that Jorge is sick. He just is sitting on bench rubbing his head.

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    This may be Jorge's worst game. Not doing much for his draft stock. Then again, other than Cobbs, I don't think anyone had a particularly good game.

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