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Thread: Stanford game

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    Stanford game

    I realize that some of the posters here don't care about the Stanford game, since the season is apparently over as far as they're concerned...

    but for the few remaining loyal Cal fans, it is interesting to read the Stanford board--the calls for Dawkins' head are getting louder and louder.

    It should be interesting to see what 'furd team shows up--on one hand, it is Senior Day; OTOH, they have nothing to play for (mathematically eliminated from 4th place)...

    I have no doubt that a very hungry Bear team will be at Maples; hope it is enough.
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    Who said no one cares about Furd game? I'm hoping tons of Blues will be in attendance. It could be for first. If not, it will be to stay in 2nd to get the best possible path to the P12 final and a better seed in the Dance (although hopefully not 8/9). This game is huge no matter what.

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    Two of Us

    My son and I will be going, first time doing it.

    This has been a great, really enjoyable season. There is much to love about this team, and we look forward to cheering our guys in Palo Alto.

    Apparently a lot of Cal fans share these sentiments and will make the trip to Maples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsaMajor View Post
    but for the few remaining loyal Cal fans
    Thank goodness you are here to be the arbiter of who is a proper Cal fan

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