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Thread: 3-year-old Go Bears Growl on Senior Night Basketball Game

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    3-year-old Go Bears Growl on Senior Night Basketball Game

    Hi Cal Fans,

    My first post (OK, second, since I posted this on the hoops board already), but I wanted to share the youtube video of my 3-yr-old participating in the Bank of the West Growl Contest during a TV timeout during the OSU basketball game. Both my wife and I are Cal alums, Bearbackers and football/basketball season ticketholders, so this was an especially proud moment for our family. Enjoy, and Go Bears!

    (Extremely) Proudpappy

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    That rules!!!

    My daughter won the Growl in Memorial against UCLA in 2010? I didn't know they have produced videos like that, I need to see if they have hers.

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    Hurrah; Grrrrah! That child has been well taught. Priceless.

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    Well done, Josh! Congrats to all contestants!

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    That's awesome! I remember that from that night; I loved that he built up a little tension by waiting to start his bit, then blowing everyone away. I always feel a little bad about that contest because some 6-year-old thinks "I totally got this, I'm cute and I'm six" and then gets matched up with a cuter 4-year-old, but your kid was totally deserving in this case. It was great that the announcer realized that immediately

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    Most Excellent!
    L'il 2th won as well a few years back..
    Welcome to The Cub......I mean the Club.

    GO BEARS!!!

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    That was great in person and even better getting the close-up on film!

    Future star in Class of 2032!

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    Give that kid a BEAR! Oh right they did...nicely done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brcal69 View Post
    Hurrah; Grrrrah! That child has been well taught. Priceless.
    +1. Congrats, Pappy. You could tell that mom and/or dad had been working with Josh on that cheer. He came, he saw, and he kicked butt!

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    Omg cuteness overload. Outstanding! You must be so proud.

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    We didn't have to work with him too much specifically for this. He's literally known the grrah and the arm rolls before he could talk (that's what happens when you have both parents from Cal). What we had to prepare him for was doing it with a microphone in his face & not having either of us there. We had no idea whether he'd catch stage fright, but once he got going . . .

    Go Bears!

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    that was too awesome. best growl i've heard.

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    Haha that Bear is bigger than he is. Awesome job.

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    I was at the game and saw this live, the kid is too cute! Enjoy being the proudpappy!!8-)

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