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Thread: Colorado defeats Utah...

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    Basketball Colorado defeats Utah...

    Bears bang with the Buffs tomorrow! Both teams respective defenses shutdown the opposition offenses tonight. I think Cal matches up better against Colorado but they have a superstar player. Utah has two of the top post players in the conference plus Cal could not shutdown the Hawaiian guard, Rodrigues, in either game. All three "went off" for close to twenty points vs the Bears...It's amazing that the Buffs held the Utes to 41 points.
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    The stats show Colorado guards Jeffrey with 20 points and 14 rebounds and Wilson with 21 points and 5 rebounds. The whole team had just 4 assists, so there must have been a lot of 1-on-1 offense.

    Tomorrow I'd like to see Eliza and Afure playing plenty of minutes of tough defense on those two.

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    Yeah, that's pretty much what happened. A lot of the Wilson twins and Jeffrey taking it to the hoop. Not much team offense for Colorado. It almost cost them. I agree, I hope to see Fu and EP getting some minutes; they are our 2 best 1-on-1 defenders on players who take it to the hoop.

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    In LA

    I'm in LA covering the tourney. Short preview article is on the front page now.

    Will also try to tweet (@NguyenV) along the way--this is new to me, so we'll see how it goes. :-)


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