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Thread: to get to a final four

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    to get to a final four

    we have to have a real change, we have to go after a super dynamic recruiter who also happens to know how to coach.. costs a lot, so those who want this would have to come up with the big bucks.

    the other alternative is to find an up and comer who might not cost as much but who is dynamic and can get top prospects here .. might take a couple of years of recruiting to get in what we need.. someone like Bozeman, but honest LOL

    hiring a young guy is a gamble, and if that is done, he is three years and successful or three years and out and try again ??

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    A Little Premature????

    My god man, we haven't seen a recruiting class out of this staff yet. Already you want to throw Lindsay under the bus? I'm a bit of a recruiting nut myself, but you have to see how this plays out. Next November, maybe you can get in the bus and start the engine, but for now let's see how the 2013 class responds to the new staff. Charmin is still here. Kai was a major recruiter for Trakh at SC. Daron seems to be making contacts in the Northwest where the action is for 2013. Already Kailee Johnson has added us to her list and she has a club and high school teammate, Jordin Reynolds I believe, who would be a great pair. And there is another tall girl from Oregon who's suppposed to be pretty good.

    Remember this staff was here less than 3 months and they landed Justine Hartman out of the UCLA dispersal draft. We have 7 spots for 2013 since we chose not to take just anyone and passed on this year. Then 3 more for 2014 if we get the right players. Mikayla Cowlings is already in the fold.

    Keep in mind the best recruiting tool is winning. So LET'S GO BEARS!! Your victories help assure the continuation of this rising program. Baby Steps. Beat the Buffs tonight.

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