I am reminded today of a horrible nightmare from my past.

Cal and LSJU have only met once before in the conference tournament, in 1990, in Tempe, and I was there. It was the third game in a row when the teams played each other. In an oddity they concluded the regular season with a home and home series, Cal having won at Maples, coming back after getting way behind to win by 3, then getting way behind at Harmon and losing by 21.

Cal was the 3 seed, Stanford the 6 seed. For the third time in a row, Cal got way behind early, and for the second time in a row, lost badly. There it was, Friday afternoon and the Bears were done for the weekend. My backup plan, to go to spring training games, was a failure, there was a lockout that spring, so no games.

Instead of spring training, I had to go to the rest of the tourney. OSU was the 1 seed and had the misfortune of having to play 8 seed ASU on ASU's home floor, a day after ASU had defeated 9 seed WSU. ASU won, and got to face 4 seed UCLA in the semis, a thriller the Bruins won by 1 point. Arizona smacked LSJU in the semis, and smacked UCLA in the finals. Boy, during the Cats games, those crowds were really pro-Arizona as much as they were pro-ASU during the Sun Devils games. I can't stand being around so many damned happy Arizona fans.

After that experience, I have yet to return to a Pac-10/Pac-12 conference tourney.

I realize that the bright side is that Mike Montgomery has been the winning coach in every single Cal-Stanford basketball game in history played in a conference tourney. Let's hope that doesn't change tonight.