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Thread: Great start vs. Colorado

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    Great start vs. Colorado

    29-13 late in the first half. Lindsay and Afure are both scoring.

    But now it's raining threes and we're up 35-28 at halftime.
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    Basketball Jinxed the Bears!

    All Colorado after that as they cut the sixteen point lead to six with four consecutive treys. Cal does not defend threes! This is like the Stanford game but the Buffs don't have a major post presenceto defend.

    Cal is playing great in all aspects expect defense on treys and turnovers. Most of the turnovers are passes into the post players (Gray & Brandon) where the CU weakside guard doubles down on the ball. Gray needs to step to meet the entry pass and make herself a target. The ball is knocked away consistently from Reshanda Gray (4x) & also Genn Brandon.

    Hopefully, they'll have a superior second half like the Bears usually do...Clarendon was 0-5 from the floor but finished the half connecting on four straight buckets. Elisa Pierre had a miserable half with her shots not close. She is the only scoreless Bear. GO BEARS!

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    Anyone else having problems with the audio feed from all-access? I'm trying to give dave some hometown love by mutting the sound on the video

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    Cal hangs on 68-59! Balanced scoring for Cal without a lot of assists. Colorado had basically two scorers with even fewer assists.
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    I missed the last 2 minutes of the game because of a

    phone call. Nice to see we won. Balanced scoring. Lindsey made a few free throws. Brittany didn't shoot too much. I guess we will play USC next although women pulled 3 out of 4 upsets last night.

    This victory helped with our seeding but a victory tomorrow will do even more. USC matches up with us very well.

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