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Thread: NCAA Tourney Blog: March 17, 2012

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    NCAA Tourney Blog: March 17, 2012

    Hi Cal fans,

    Greetings and Happy St. Patrick's Day from Notre Dame!

    OK, trying something new today: A blog from Media Day. Here's the first installment. Check back in a few hours for an update or two.

    Go Bears!

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    Nice interview

    Is the media there aware of what Cal does best. They seem to be very aware of Iowa but you are in Big Ten Territory so that doesn't surprise me. Northwester, Indiana, and Purdue are all not very far away.

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    good stuff, pb, keep it flowing!

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    pearbear, thanks! BearBloke and I look forward to daily reports. Please tell the girls how proud we all are of them.

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    Updated with Iowa quotes

    Same link...

    OK now time for a nap. Took the red-eye and drove straight from O'Hare to Notre Dame. With the different time zone, I lost an hour en route!


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    Happy napping!

    Thank you so much for the blogs and updates and all info you pass on from the trip. It is great for us fans to be able to follow the journey as much as possible. You are awesome!

    I echo BearBint: tell them we love them and are proud of them and to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS! We'll be watching here and cheering them on.

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