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Thread: Notre Dame postgame press conference...(link)

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    Basketball Notre Dame postgame press conference...(link)

    Stay with it all of the way through because the headcoach says some complimentary things about Cal. She predicts the Bears will be a top ten team by the end of next season! GO BEARS!

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    That press conference was the day after the Liberty game. It will be interesting to see the post-Cal press conference. I think that game will help Cal on the recruiting trail because, though we lost, young players can see that Cal is close to being a true contender. The 2013 class is key for Coach G to sustain the level she was given by the Charmin and the rest of the previous staff. For 2013, I would love to see Cal NOT driving a Ford or Chevy but a Mercedes. I think we could drive all the way to the Final Four.

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    Baseball scroll down to second row & click on Cal-ND at far right...

    It must reset automatically because I clicked on the postgame show. I just clicked on it again and it works...They interview/question the Notre Dame coach first and last with the three star players in the middle. GO BEARS!

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    Try this link for the post-Cal press conference:

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    Basketball That's the one that i was referencing...

    another video has been added and mine was knocked down to the 1st one on the third row (left side). Thanks for the superior link! GO BEARS!
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