I think that our run at the Pac 12 this year was pretty gritty given our depth. I think that though the conference was down it would have been great to win the season or tournament ... and really should have won one or the other. We should have had the poise and experience to do so given where we were in the stretch.

BUT, it is pretty unusual, and sadly unexpected, that 3 or 4 players had worse years than they did the previous season: Crabbe, Jorge, Smith (and Solomon). Jorge was not the dynamic defender and head strong player he was the previous year, Crabbe was not spotting up and looking to shoot as he did towards the end of last year, Smith became a turnover machine, and Soloman was gone. Quite an accomplishment to post the record we did given this.

Watching the athletes in the Sweet Sixteen, we aren't near this level of depth, height, quickness, and diverse scoring threats.