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Thread: Notification for incoming friend request

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    Notification for incoming friend request

    Every time I log in, I always see one notification for an incoming friend request. I wish to decline but am not allowed to. When I check the box to decline and try to save it, nothing happens. Please instruct. Thanks.

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    That's a feature we've never used. If you send me a friend request, I'll see what I can do to decline it and then tell you what I did.
    GO BEARS !!!

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    OK. I just sent you a friend request. Hope you can figure out how to reject my request. Thanks.

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    I got your request

    In order to reject it, I put a check in two places, one in the box above your avatar and one on the right ( Check all/ uncheck )

    Then I clicked the radio button next to rejecting the request (the default is to accept)

    Then click Save changes.

    That should do it.
    GO BEARS !!!

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    Thanks, Calfans. Your suggestion worked.

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    Damn.... I really wanted that new friend.

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