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Thread: SF Chronicle's All-Metro teams (3)...

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    Bluescriptcal SF Chronicle's All-Metro teams (3)...

    I hope that the Bears can land some of the 2013 (juniors) & especially 2014
    (sophomores) local talent. I would add Courtney Range from St Marys-Stockton to this group as well.

    Can an insider verify which players have been officially offered by Cal?
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    Well, I see Gabby Green is Honoroable mention. Wow. She will be the highest rated 2014 player from Norcal and I can only assume she was not ranked first team because of her injury and late return to the Panthers.

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    Basketball a few quality players are stuck as HM...

    SO Josetta Fatuesi (6'1") Wilcox, SR Yvonne Cook-Taylor (Terra Nova) headed to Texas Tech, etc. Also, the two Mitty players, Emily Dinger & Kalyn Simon, that scored 16 points each in the state championship game did not earn even HM? The injured Mitty PG, Vanessa Garner, made HM.
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