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Thread: Avery Sebastian ESPN interview

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    ^ anything???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThoseBearNestEcstasies View Post
    Anybody else see the Yarnway hit today, then what happened from Avery after that? Wow, cheers from both sidelines, one after the other. Was awesome.

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    Good sign of things to come - BooM

    Quote Originally Posted by liBEARtyre04 View Post
    What happened??
    Sorry, was out of town. During scrimmage Saturday, Yarnway breaks through to the secondary, and absolutely lowers the BOOM on Sebastian - crunch, HIT, NOISE, loud, bowls him over, POW. Reminiscent of Bo Jackson hit on Bosworth. Offensive sideline goes nuts. Everybody saw it, everybody heard it, was crazy. ... So, only about 3 plays later, Yarnway again breaks a little outside, starts to head up the field - and POW no kiddin' it's flamin' Avery-man in there, BANG - nailed him good-hard! Was incredible this-for-that and this time the defensive sideline went nuts. Both these plays were awesome, big hits. The fact that it was Avery this time versus Yarnway like a retaliation basically was too cool. Very, very good sign of things to come IMO. Great plays by both, serious serious hits from serious hitters.

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    A very well-spoken young man. I'm proud to have a quality guy like Avery on the Cal football team.

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