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Thread: WSB: Arizona 8 Cal 3

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    WSB: Arizona 8 Cal 3

    Cal lost its 2nd game of the year. Arizona had a 2 - 0 lead, Cal tied it on a Breana HR. The roof caved in in the 6th and 7th inning. Arizona scored 2 in the 6th and 5 in the 7th. Val and Jo were hit hard. Cal's defense looked like the defense of 2 or 3 years ago. Jace had her worst game as a bear, only 1 error, but bobbled almost every ball hit to her. Cal had only 3 hits, Breana's HR, and 2 hits by Franni. Arizona's defense looked sharp by comparison, therir outfielders made a number of good running catches.

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    Can't win 'em all - take the series and we're still looking really good

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    Quote Originally Posted by majorursa View Post
    Can't win 'em all - take the series and we're still looking really good
    No you can't win them all, and we are still looking good. This team was not as "stacked" last year but made it to the WCWS using a lot of speed. It seems we are getting away from that a bit. Waiting for the HR.... You have a player like Elia with more speed than anyone but her sister, hitting over .400 on the bench, makes NO SENCE?? Speed can cause mistakes, look at our 2-0 win yesterday. Yes we hit a lot of HR's, but when those bats go cold (5 hits in 2 games), and 3 of the 5 hits were from 2 of our speedsters. We have had only 1 hit from a "power hitter" in the last 2 games. Speed is missing for us to be able to manufacture runs and force defenses to make mistakes.

    And we have Jo running for herself when she gets OB? She slides and gets hurt, so does the season. She got hit by a pitch today that looked intentional. I think we have too much to lose. Vic is hitting over .400, let her catch, then DH for the weakest hitter.

    I think we can tighten up a bit by not letting players hit that are struggling just because there is no competition at their position, or there is "a chance" they might hit one out. We are starting to get some players feeling too comfortable because they know they will start and be in the lineup every game, IMHO.

    As for Jace today, FLUKE... She is solid, and one of the most clutch players in college softball.

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    Hope the bats get going again

    That's, what, 5 hits in 2 games? As good as Jolene is, this team will go only as far as the offense carries them. I presume we'll face Fowler again today.
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    I was at my first game ever on Friday

    We won but I felt we stole one. Didn't hit much. And didn't hit yesterday either. Had a great time Friday. Crowd was really rowdy. Like it a lot.

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