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Thread: OT: As a Niners Fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeteRouge View Post
    DE Masifilo, WR Owusu, S Thomas.
    Nice to see Owusu getting a chance; he has had more than his fair share of concussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tree Cutter View Post
    Jenkins would've been picked by St.Louis with the first pick in the 2nd round, they had him as the second best receiver after Blackmon.
    From the sounds of all the NFL analyst on TV, it was hard to really gauge how good Jenkins was in college (sort of like Marvin Jones). He had really bad QBs yet managed to make some big time plays.

    I have faith in Harbaugh and Baalke. After all, Aldon Smith was "third-round" material supposedly. Look at how that turned out...

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    Wow they picked up Owusu ('furd)? After numerous concussions + 'furd degree you would've thought he would choose another path in life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhillyBear View Post
    Irony is Bill Walsh had a very successful kicker from Cal during his tenure as head coach - Ray Wersching.
    I'm pretty sure he wasn't drafted by the 49ers. The 49ers rarely draft anyone from Cal.

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    WTG 9ers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by socaliganbear View Post
    They got Colin Kaepernick very early in the 2nd last year. You'll remember him as the guy who sliced up our D in 2010, running for 148 yd and passing for 181.
    I find it interesting that everyone behaves as though this didn't happen. Not only did they use a relatively high pick on Kaep, they traded up to get him. Just because they didn't start him right away (everyone said at the time that he was going to need to learn for a couple years) everyone behaves as though the front office doesn't think he's the Niners' future.

    This team had one of the best drafts last year. Is it possible they're right about Kaepernick? Rodgers had to sit on the bench a few years before he matured into who he is this any different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heartofthebear View Post
    They are sticking with Alex.
    They passsed up on some good QB's available in the late rounds. (Kirk Cousins, Russel Wilson and Kellen Moore)
    They already picked up Harbaugh's old favorite Josh Johnson (from USD) as a free agent. Between him and Kaepernick, they have some viable young options if Smith regresses this year.

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