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Thread: Jag TE NoLove for Anger....

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    A third string Tight End who caught a whopping 50 yards on 5 catches! With players like that, no wonder the Jags needed a punter.

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    One of these guys will be starting next fall.

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    Less Talk And More Production

    Maybe, just maybe if this "stellar" third string T. E. caught more than 5 balls for 50 yards, the Jags wouldn't need to take a punter that high. Given that they did, he should worry more about his production and less about a punter who could be taking his roster spot. Way to bite the hand that feeds you despite your "significant" contribution to your teams success. I'll make a prediction that this T.E. is gone by the end of the season.

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    The Jags won 5 games last year. They are a lousy team that needs a good punter.

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    3rd string TE, 5 catches for 50 yards and insulting team management. Is this guy going to stick around?

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    Would he rather the Jags drafted a tight end?

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