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Thread: 2012 Post-Spring Depth Chart Posted

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    just wait till they watch the UCLA tape from last year.

    /bites on the dive

    //watches Prince go for another bumbling 12 yard run.


    ////but not really.
    My understanding is that's by design. The LB was responsible for the RB, and the S was responsible for the QB. Not defending the scheme - just think that's on Clancy and not the 'backers.

    Talent is talent. Give him the chance and he'll make big plays.
    Ha, and if that talent is in the wrong place, it'll be the other team making the big plays. I would like to see Whiteside earn his way onto the field sooner rather than later, though.

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    Having attended the UCLA game, it was a fundamental breakdown kind of the same way as Nevada game at Reno. Scheme was not adjusted to fit the attack and one or more defenders continually out of position even for the same play on which they were just beat previously.
    Not sure very useful to blame particular players. Team just did not show up and play for UCLA game for whatever reason. At Nevada similar thing once our QB made mistakes and got banged up. Just seemed to give up.
    Those kind of losses take team "effort" (i.e., lack thereof) and can't be hung on one player or position.

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