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Thread: ohio st loses commit due to contact with sex offender

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    ohio st loses commit due to contact with sex offender

    maybe we can get that TE from so cal to open up his recruitment ( maybe we have a chance )

    all the rings are kinda impressive on side note

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    The ESPN story is a bit different. In that article the father and son are apparently saying he may still sign with tOSU and they're more conciliatory toward the school.

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    Some guy, who's no more than a fan (not a donor or booster or employee), takes a picture with a recruit and he decommits because of that fan's past? This could happen to any team and just about any event (such as Spring Game).
    go bears

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    Yeah, it sounded like an overreaction. I think they were basically embarassed and didn't know what to do, so they first started blaming Ohio State then backed off of that and said they can't be blamed, then started saying that he may sign again with tOSU.

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