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Thread: Hoover rumor...

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    Hoover rumor...

    Atticus Finch ‏ @wbballhoopscoop
    Wake : hearing that Jennifer Hoover is the new head women's basketball coach. Anyone confirm?

    If this is true, quite the jump! Good for her.

    update: Bret McCormick ‏ @ASGR1995
    Wake Forest names Jennifer Hoover their new HC.She was the HC at High Point this past season & is alumni.Will be named tomorrow or Thursday.

    Wow. Congrats!

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    She won an award for freshman (first year) coach of the year at High Point. Excellent jump up.

    Congrats Vac.

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    Helluva achievement by Hoover. Wake is expressing great confidence in her. Congrats and good luck!

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    It's no longer a rumor, ESPN confirms it. Wake announced this morning, apparently:

    Congrats to Jen!

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    Good for her

    She was well liked when she was here

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    Will be interesting when Wake plays Virginia (Hoover vs Boyle). Jen's mother was always there taking care of her granddaughter at home games. Cute kid.

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