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Thread: OT: Cal Alum Gov. Granholm

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    Boom tho! Threads dead but man oh man people are letting their feelings fly!

    Go Bears

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden One View Post
    You bet! Your very weak attempt to overlook Obama's socialist leanings is really laughable. Get real!
    More like a weak attempt at the false equivalence game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugsy View Post
    I was a "Goldwater Republican" as a Cal student from '66 to '70. Life experience has led me to become a "progressive". I am fortunate in my income and career and am happy to pay my fair share of taxes (although I do not like so much going to our military/intelligence budgets).

    When the Right Wing talks now I simply reverse what they say and thus find the truth. Right Wing politicians, to me, are a despicable group of liars and hypocrites.

    I do share being a CAL fan with ALL of you on this board. Go Bears!!!
    My inclinations as a student (Cal 61 to 66) were very similar and I share your perceptions. I started Cal as a Goldwater conservative and am now "progressive".

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