As Twitter & Facebook become major distribution sources for news, Bear Insider is now upgrading our use of those media. If you are a Twitter reader, you will now begin to see a lot more quick-hit headlines from us as we report on the Bears.

Jim McGill - MoragaBear - has largely carried that load in recent months - reporting principally about recruiting where he does important work for us. He will continue that @ESPNbearinsider. (More on that address later.)

To that, our current upgrade now adds the news-generating capacity of the rest of our writing staff. Look now for many more short news clips on Twitter, whenever news develops @bearinsider.


To some extent this upgrade is inspired by these (paraphrased) comments a major Twitter user made to me:

"The Associated Press (et. al.) years ago did most news distribution through their teletype machines that clattered away in news rooms and radio stations across the country. Those outlets "received" the news and then distributed it locally.

"Now, readers of Twitter both receive - and re-distribute - headline news. We've become a major contributor to news distribution - we've in-effect crowd-sourced news."

"Twitter has in effect become the news-wire-ticker that the world uses. International headlines in Tahrir Square and Damascus bear that out.


But that all said, a headline is still not news, it's just a headline. Good reporting always has and always will require shoe-leather, on the ground work to attend events and to do accurate and imaginative reporting.

So we do not plan to replace any of our work here with quick Twitter snapshots. Instead, we will publish those snapshots on Twitter as "quick alerts" about events that are also reported here in more depth.

We will shortly update a guide to our social media sites at the top of this page.


We've had a thread on these boards about our Twitter & Facebook accounts since 2011. Because that thread is now obsolete, we have removed it - but recap here the key topics from it.

1. Jim McGill has an active Twitter account @ESPNBearInsider (See notes below on how to access Twitter sites).

2. 86Oski explained how to use Twitter, saying, "Go to and set up your personal account. [Then] use the search box to find ESPNBearInsider and [when there] click on Follow." (See notes below for further details.)

3. Someone asked, "What about the other bearinsider twitter account, @bearinsider?"

The answer in the old thread was ... "it's used for story links," but that's now obsolete. From now on, look for lots more new headlines there.


Notes mentioned above:

1. Re how to access a Twitter account: When your browser is already at Twitter, you can this kind of address "@bearinsider" to see that Twitter site. When your browser is somewhere else, you can use this type of address:

to go directly to the account. These two types of addresses get you to the same place.

2. Re how to use Twitter: If you want to see only the Tweets made at the BearInsider Twitter account, you can go there directly, see #1 above.

But if you also want to see Tweets made elsewhere, for example @cal, you'll need to create a personal account. When you have that, you can "follow" both @bearinsider and @cal - and others - and in effect build your own personal page, a page that contains (in this example) all Tweets from Bear Insider and Cal - and Madonna if you wish.