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    excellent.. tnx calfans; & Cal Petition Here

    In related news, the Pac conf (retweeted by Cal Athletics) launched a Dish lobbying campaign, hoping for support from y'all frustrated Bears.


    Dear DISH Customers,

    We have heard from many of you and wanted to provide you with an update. We have been making progress towards an agreement with DISH...

    But we are not there yet.

    While our conversations have been productive, suddenly DISH seems hesitant about just how much fans really want the Pac-12 Networks. With millions of you throughout the country, especially those of you out West, we know you are excited about watching your favorite Pac-12 teams. Unless we get a deal done soon, you will miss another weekend of football and will be in jeopardy of missing out on the full season.

    But you can make the difference. And the time is now!

    Contact DISH today - let them hear your voice, even if you have already told them you want Pac-12 Networks.

    Call them at 1-888-926-5457
    Send them an email
    Tweet to @DISH

    Make sure they hear loud and clear that you want the Pac-12 Networks. With your help, we hope to be on the DISH dial very soon.

    Thank you for your support.

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    Comcast has an Official page for these also.., along with a few associate links might could come in handy some day: ( <--- bookmarkable too )

    swiped part of the page as of today..
    Please keep in mind, you will need to sign in with your Comcast TV username/password to view this (and other) content on XfinityTV. If you have at least one Pac-12 channel as part of your TV package, you should have access to watch all 7 of the Pac-12 Networks including each of the regional channels. If you do have the Pac-12 channel on your TV and run into any difficulties accessing these links, please contact Comcast to have your account id properly setup.
    #Go Streamies!
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    Anyone know if you can stream on an iPad? If so, how? If I go to the website it says download the Xfinity app. Once on the Xfinity app I can't figure out how to stream.

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    re: streaming playback issues

    Not sure if this applies to PCs too, but if you're on a Mac and have recently migrated your data to a new machine, you may need to delete the Microsoft playready file. This is a DRM file that will lead to streaming errors if it was created on one device and then moved to a different one.

    This fixed my problem w/ Pac-12 streaming and previously did the same when I was getting errors with Netflix streaming.

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    Comcast NAY!

    Does not help those of us on the East Coast who will never give Comcast one thin dime of their hard-earned money. I hope that Verizon FiOS someday decides to add it (probably at a reduced cost to them since they are just extra revenue for the conference). Heck, FiOS added the freakin' Longhorn Network; why NOT The Pac-12?

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