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Thread: Stanford Football: Still on Steroids; Magic Glove Not So Magic Afterall

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    Stanford Football: Still on Steroids; Magic Glove Not So Magic Afterall

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    Not surprised. Those bastards...

    Maybe "the glove" was part of a diversion plan to take the attention away from the 'roids.

    October 20th. The date sounds all weird, but let's get 'em!
    Go Bears!

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    pas surprise

    rockOn* with yer bear self

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    Maybe the magic glove works like magic diet pills

    "Take this diet pill* and you will lose weight"

    * and go on a low calorie diet.

    "Use this magic freezing glove* and you will increase athletic performance"

    * and get a steroid injection

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandmastapoop View Post
    When it comes to all things Stanfrod--Don't believe the hype!

    The glove is typical Stanfrod, they were/are pretty obviously roiding.

    I see pictures of our linemen and we are pretty obviously not. But with the new SAHPC we will get it done the old fashion with hard work.

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    Who had the bigger line again?

    Let's look at last year (this year there still is movement in who plays what):

    Mitch S. vs Martin Mitch bigger and stronger per NFL combines
    Galas vs Schwartstein both undersized, Galas weighs more
    Schwenke vs DeCastro Decastro has an inch, Schwenke a few pounds
    MSG vs Mabry Mabry is taller,, MSG more weight (a few pounds)
    Cheadle vs Wilkes/Danzer Cheadle is bigger than Wilkes, Danzer taller, weights about the same
    Fleener and Ertz are tall, but like 245 lbs. The new TEs are all like 6'7" or more, and came into the program huge.

    The Furd guys I have wondered about are at fullback, and a certain linebacker prone to losing his temper and getting suspended.

    Cal, under a different regime, was smaller. They are not smaller any more.

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