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Thread: Cal loses "Big Spike".

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    Cal loses "Big Spike".

    Cal loses final Pac-12 match of the season to the furds. It really was no match last night and what is scary is that the furds who won the Pac-12 started 4 freshmen. Cal is now waiting to find out if they will be selected for the NCAA Tourney. Though their record is only 15-15 they are tourney eligible.

    Last night was also senior night. 4 Bears were recognized, Kat Brown, Correy Johnson, Shannon Hawari, ...and Robin Rostratter. Though Robin did not play this year it looks like she will not be returning. Thanks to all of the seniors who have provided lots of excitement in their 4 years, playing for CAL. Best of luck to the seniors.
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    Well said, OBear073akaSMFan! It's been a tough year with all the injuries, but our young women gave it their best, which is all we fans could ask of them. Good luck to our seniors, and let's hope the team gets selected for the tourney.

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    I hopethose seniors go out with a NCAA run

    They provided us with some great moments. Tough one with RR - hope her health improves.

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