Dropbox is currently running a promotion(until 12/10/12) that rewards cloud storage space based on school affiliation.

All you need to do is go to your Dropbox account, click on add free space, click on the Great Space Race and fill in your Cal email. After verification, you get the free space for two years. The amount of free space is based on the school's level of participation. Currently, Cal is at the 15G level, and only several hundred points away from the 25G. It's 3rd nationally and 11th worldwide.

Don't have a Cal email? Fear not! If you're a Cal alum, you can get a free berkeley.edu email from the Cal Alumni site. Just goto cal.berkeley.edu and sign up. I forgot the details since I signed up years ago, but the site was able to determine that I was a Cal student 20 years ago through a series of questions. After signup, go to the Email Forwarding Link, and you would be offered a list of emails to link to your account. All these Emails forward any mails received to a third party email account of your choosing.

The most important email address is the one with the @cal.berkeley.edu extension. This is the only extension that works on Dropbox.

If you're looking for extra storage, give this a shot! Help me and you get 25G!

And a lifetime your_name@cal.berkeley.edu email ain't too shabby either.