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Thread: BOD beats Mitty

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    I read St. Mary's Stockton has a freshman standout 5'10" shooter Kat Tudor as well.
    Actually what she really excels in is giving instruction to felines. Interesting that you bring her up for I almost did in my previous post since she shares your name. The team played and dominated the Christian Br. tournament. Brijanee Moore was mvp and Kat was the only other one from the team to make all tournament. She is an all around ball player, but it appears that she is now being noticed primarily as a shooter. I think the reason might be because she has such a quick catch and release from three.. That's generally a weakness for freshmen as they usually take too long to set and shoot. Kat already has about as quick a release as I have ever seen. So much so that all future players in this area will have to be compared to her. They will ask "Do you think they are as quick as a Kat. I think she is someone that Cal might consider keeping an eye on.
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