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Thread: Stallworth

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    According to the sfgate article, dad said

    Another problem is the low-profile status of women's basketball on the West Coast, Chris Stallworth said. "Instead of playing in front of 1,000 people," he said, "she'll be playing in front of 6,000 fans - on a bad*night."

    I just wonder what that gets a person. Other than ego boost, but how does that prepare a person more for life? Please debate, y'all. I'm raising kids and want to know why VHS observing crowd could help, or hurt.

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    Just reminded me of another local boys high school product (now plays college hoops on the east coast) whose father had him play at four high schools in four years!

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    Boyle must have had a tough time recruiting Denesha's father.

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    The 1,000 people comment is bullshit

    She came to lots of games when she was in high school. they knew what we drew. It wasn't a mystery.

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    So, even though I'm enjoying the heck out of this team I was just wondering about whether this team would be even better if Stallworth were still here and a senior so that Caldwell could get a break now and then (but recognize that might have meant Gray would not be getting minutes and Hartman would be even further down the bench and perhaps Brandon doesn't shine so bright and I would hate to mess with the great chemistry of this team) - so I looked back at this thread and saw this comment:.
    He also said Boyle didn't put his daughter "in position to succeed." DeNesha was one of the nation's top recruits out of Pinole Valley High School in 2009, but her scoring (13.3) and rebounding averages (6.4) last season didn't improve much from her freshman season (12.9 and 6.4).
    "She had a subpar year," her father said.
    Stallworth's stats this year at Kentucky: Scoring: 12.8 Rebounds 5.8 (in 25 minutes a game). Does dad have her transfer again, because I guess she still is not in a position to succeed and is having an even more subpar year? He was right about one thing: Kentucky is averaging 6000 in attendance.

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