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Thread: More softball on TV than baseball

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    More softball on TV than baseball

    I know how successful our softball program is, but I'm surprised at the disparity of TV broadcasts.

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    After how dominating softball was last year i'm not all that surprised. 58-7

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    Baseball Yes!

    Hopefully this additional exposure will help coach Ninemire get the facilities improvements that she seeks...GO BEARS!

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    Softball and Baseball have a different appeal.....

    There are many baseball teams, fewer softball teams. Somehow, the players seem more personable in softball - we get to know them. I think both appeal to different audiences, but also share a audience. And so on.........

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    Softball is more watchable

    IMO, the women's game is just a better spectator product, fast paced, usually well executed with a pretty decent power element these days. With no real professional competition, the best young athletes in the sport are available. College baseball suffers from the game's worst flaw's (pace, dearth of action) compounded by the fact that the majority of the players are leftovers from professional drafts who just aren't all that good. Baseball at its best doesn't translate all that well to the TV screen; at its worst (the college game is pretty close), it's a real yawner.
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    I actually think women's college softball is pretty popular on tv and fans from outside the Pac-12 are likely to watch as well. People have long complained that the Pac-12 has very few softball broadcasts despite featuring some of the country's best teams. Now fans around the country will get to see more of all the teams. Great news.

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