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Thread: Corado beats number 8 Louisville

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    Corado beats number 8 Louisville

    70 to 66. That will help the conference power ratings. Colorado is undefeated.

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    Great for CU and great for us. Ironically I was geeking out to some old recruiting rankings and I saw CU coach's name Linda Lappe pop up from when she was a player from a year not too long ago. I knew she was young but didn't realize she was that young.

    Cal will move up to #8 and helps us in our quest to possibly get a #2 seed.

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    the buffs coach is in her early 30s and played at colorado

    she is building a strong program with the leading score arielle roberson a freshman forward from san antonio...anyone know if she was highly recruited?

    3408 attendance against louisville

    the bears will have a brutal early season pac 12 stretch of games-after playing utah, the bears will then during a 6 game stretch play stanford twice, colorado twice plus ucla and usc-that is games against 5 ranked teams in a 3 week stretch

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    One of the problems with Utah and Colo

    is the higher altitude. This probably is one of the reasons Louisville lost. But it will be hard for us too. Especially the first game.

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    Wow! This is great for the conference.

    I've been looking over our schedule too and had not considered CU as much more than a bump in the road. I'm now reconsidering...

    Hope we have a stellar opening to conference play. It's time for this group to be brilliant. Go Bears.

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    WSU over Ohio State (#20). Go Pac-12!

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