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Thread: 4 P12 Teams in the top 25?!?

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    4 P12 Teams in the top 25?!?

    Welcome to the new Pac12 .Colorado got a vote last week in the AP poll, and after knocking off No. 8 Louisville at home 70-66 I expect to see them ranked. They are 9-0 and will likely enter conference play undefeated.

    My prediction: Come Monday CALIFORNIA is the new #8. And that my friends, is the important part.

    Go Bears!

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    Colorado was 30th in the Sagarin before this game.

    This should help them and the conference.

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    Northwestern Game Huge for the Bears

    Considering the loss by Louisville, if the Bears win at Northwestern Monday they will be no worse that #8 (AP Poll) going into the home game against #22 Kansas. Beating Kansas and GWU at home could really solidify their standing within the Top 8 before starting Pac-12 play. As for Northwestern, our Bears should spank them. They have lost 3 straight after winning their first 6. Hopefully, our Bears will be all business. Northwestern helped us by scheduling Cal for a Monday morning game in front of a few hundred semi-interested school girls. Should be very neutral court-like. As long as we come to play the Bears will get another important road win.

    Go Bears!

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    We will definitely have to watch out for Colorado in addition to UCLA. I recall CU gave us tough games last year.

    We'll see if we can get some help from the SEC and pass Kentucky and Georgia, both of which I think we are better than.

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