If something in a post offends you or your political views, can you please just ignore it?

Politics don't belong on these boards (except maybe the Off-Topic board were a lot of other junk ends up.)

We can't delete every post that breaks that rule - there are at times just too many - especially when a national tragedy occurs.

Anyone remember when these boards melted down in the days after 9-11? It was horrible, with angry name calling and rampant grueling insults - so bad that dozens permanently left in disgust and anger and fear.

Is that how we want to maintain a Cal Bears community?

An old motto: It takes all kinds of fans to fill Memorial Stadium.

Cal in fact welcomes them all to the stadium, so must we here.

It simply doesn't (should not) matter here if a fan is right, left, or center on the political spectrum - so long as they are willing to join this community of Cal Athletics supporters. If they root for the Bears, join this online community, attend games, and/or donate to Cal - they are part of your Cal brethren, fellow Cal Bears, whatever their political stripes.

Our purpose at this website is to be Cal Bears first.

If you break this rule, you diminish the Cal Bear community, you diminish the reach of this website, and you diminish yourself.

Instead, please just use a bit of restraint, keeping in mind our core mission here as a broad community of Cal Bears.