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Thread: I didn't know that...

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    I didn't know that...

    One of our darlings Ashley Walker got married to Natasha Lacy (last with the Mystics) fact you can see she goes by Ashley Walker-Lacy on Facebook now, and Lacy's cover photo is of the two of them at their wedding. I have to admit I was a little surprised!

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    Me too! Congratulations to them both!

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    I sorta did but wasn't 100% sure!

    Quote Originally Posted by 2TheHoop View Post
    Me too! Congratulations to them both!
    I believe in some of Ashley's earlier tweets I believe she brought her sexual orientation up. I didn't know she got married though........... Congrats to both of them!!

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    Another Bear Insider told me Ashley was getting married, but I didn't realize that Natasha Lacy was her intended. Whatever--they make a great couple; BearBloke and I toasted to their happiness this evening.

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