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Thread: at northwestern game

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    NU calls its last to @ 1:16. Cal up 62:58

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    Last te oit a 24.5 and up 3 with ball. must make free yhrows

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    That is..last time out

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    Clarendon fouled but swung elbow after whistle. waiting on call

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    Wkah. intentional on nu!

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    Correction. nust a coul. vlarendon in the clear shooting two

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    Just a foul and ckarendon mzkes both

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    10.9 clarendon gouled with csl up three

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    Nall in to clarendon. and foul at 0.7

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    Sorry for typos. not good with phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncbears View Post
    Sorry for typos. not good with phone
    You were sending all those reports on a phone? That was heroic! Many thanks.

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    Many thanks. Sounds like one of those games on the road where you sneak one out, get on the next bus out of Evanston and go home. Did not sound pretty at all, but stats don't tell the whole story.

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    Basketball Why did Elisa Pierre not play?

    Was she suited up? GO BEARS!

    Quote Originally Posted by ncbears View Post
    Pierre is coaching at second time oiut! Now coah g comes in. down 12-7

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    Huge number of free throws in this game. We shot 20-27 at the line and NW was 26-33. Reminds how important that part of the game can be, especially on the road. Nice outcome, Bears.

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    Between a rock and a hard place

    With Pierre out, we had two point guards. Then Boyd missed a layup and then she followed that with a foul for her 5th. We really needed her. We didn't need a foul. The Clarendon got her 4th. what would have happened if she fouled out? At one point Afure and Clarendon were something like 1 for 19. Clarendon stepped up when Boyd fouled out but had something like 2 points before that.

    We outrebounded them but not by a big margin. We shot free throws poorly at first but finished well. I had to check this game in bits and pieces. Lots of fouls called and at one point we had 15 fouls called on us and they had 7. It was only at the end we caught up.

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