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    If I knew about the site, I forgot about it.
    It's really cool and a great look at the team. "inside" videos and webisodes and more.

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    Bumping as the video on the sites give such a great feel for the year. And the intro "We Are Ready" video in retrospect was prescient....

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    Love this site. It's actually what got me paying attention to the team more and games so much. Great, great content. Thanks for re-posting!

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    the women's hoops program puts out some nice stuff. I've seen the site before and saw the video and photos, etc, but it's the first time I noticed SHOWTIME.

    To me, a big part of why I love this team, is because they look like they are having FUN. After all, isn't that what it's all about.

    SHOWTIME was a very professional video, but it was just FUN. The players are all good dancers (I thought Genn was smoooooth).

    Thanks for reposting.
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    There were a few Brittany Shine glimpses during the practice tape in the "We Are Ready" video. Definitely liked how she looked on both offense and defense. Should be a fine addition next year.

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