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Thread: Oregon's Fiesta Bowl Unis

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    Oregon's Fiesta Bowl Unis

    I realize that this may make you lose your appetite if you've been following the good deli thread, but here are Oregon's Fiesta Bowl jerseys, supposedly the feathers change color depending on the viewing angle...

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    Oregon's uniforms can be awesome from time to time. This is one of those times.

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    They might be getting a lot of ideas from this 2002 movie.

    From the winged-ship of the bad guys to the color-changing uniform worn by the villain himself.

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    It will only look cool if all the players run the same way. Otherwise it will look like 11 different uniforms out there.

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    The Tostitos logo kind of ruins it for me.

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    No way in hell that guy ever blocks a kick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueAndGold View Post
    Oregon's uniforms can be awesome from time to time. This is one of those times.
    agree...the wing design is definitely awesome. I definitely do like their helmets too (just not the green ones)

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    UO-Niketown's After Party Fiesta Bowl Uni's

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    I dunno, looks like a design a girl would wear to go clubbing.

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    Not a fan of oregon's fiesta uni's...

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    I am old fashioned so these look better to me.

    Also these are good looking...that Cal script on the hip is cool.

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    Man, I wish Cal would go back to these uniforms. Cool, classic, clean. At least have it in the rotation.

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    Oregon Uni's

    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebear View Post

    At least the so-called "Hotties" have green in their costumes. UO football has their school colors as an afterthaught. Cal has been bad enough with Nike lately, but at least we have always had blue and gold. These Fiesta Bowl unis make Oregon and the Pac-12 look stupid and even more tacky than UO usually does. How about some taste and class? When Oregon had uni's that looked like the Green Bay Packers, they were thought of as one of the best looking teams in College Football. Alabama didn't change their look in order to win, did they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnoozerBear View Post
    I am old fashioned so these look better to me.

    Ed Dickson just scored again

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