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Thread: Spring rugby schedule announced:

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    Spring rugby schedule announced:

    Lots of games at Witter Field, including playing Stanford for the scrum axe at 1pm Saturday Jan 26:

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    It will be great to be back home at Witter! The schedule tags UCLA, Arizona, Oregon State and Utah as "conference games. What conference since Stanford, St Marys and Oregon are not included so it is not either the Pac 12 or the old Northern California Conference.

    Rugby is back!

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    It's the new Pac 12 rugby conference. Not all Pac 12 teams are members for reasons of travel cost and competitiveness.

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    Thanks! Interesting that Stanford, who could afford the travel, has not chosen to join. In some sports, non PAC 12 teams play like San Diego St who competes in the PAC 12 men's soccer. I wonder if schools like St Marys or Cal Poly might consider joining?

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